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Founder + CEO:


Welcome to #TheVibeTribe !!

Have you ever been drawn to something so deeply that you can't help but wonder why?

Well, vibes don't lie, + that vibrational attraction (or resonance if we are getting scientific) is part of why you are reading this right now.

I created
RESTORE out of the deepest passions of my heart; this community is a space where you are free to let your dreams run wild, with NO limitation.

I believe that education goes much further than sitting in a classroom, signing your life away to debt + following the "social norms" ...

Imagine if we followed the path of our ancestors that lived in tribes; uplifting + collaborating with one another, leaning on the abundant resources all around us + aligning our path with the rhythm of the Universe.

As a Reiki Master, Registered Yoga Teacher + Quantum-Crystal Educator; it is my pleasure to support you in manifesting your dream life through ancient + modern teachings rooted in yogic philosophy, quantum physics + real life experience.

Explore our vast range of offerings, experiences + learning opportunities below + join our ever-growing community of soul family!!


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