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quantum manifestor



are you ready to manifest your dream reality? your highest potential timeline already exists + it's up to you to remember, to alchemize, to create.

feeling stuck?
you're not alone.

the more challenges you have in your life, the more you have to alchemize (transform) which ultimately leads to exponential growth.

more pain
= more purpose.


what to expect//

an intensive program consisting of
4 x series of pre-recorded episodes

-- average ep. length: 5-25 minutes --

designed to be easily integrated into
your morning routine with

rituals, meditations + challenges
weaved throughout each episode

A creative approach to learning
infused with foundations of

quantum physics + energy healing

estimated completion time: 2 months


Meet Your Facilitator: Emily Steffen

This program is a culmination of my studies as a Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master + Quantum - Crystal Educator; infusing knowledge derived from Ayurveda, Yogic Philosophy, Quantum Physics + real life experience as a Spiritual Entrepreneur. This is my most optimized + accessible offering for those looking to align their life path with the rhythm of the Universe + ultimately begin the process of manifesting your highest potential timeline in this incarnation. Although this program is self-paced (pre-recorded), all participants will have access to email support for 1:1 guidance as challenges arise. My greatest wish for you is to realize that YOU are the guru of your life, YOU are capable + worthy of manifesting all of your dreams regardless of your current position, YOU are the creator of your reality, YOUR ability to share your most authentic expression is your greatest purpose in this earthly realm. Let's manifest magic together by bridging Spirituality x Quantum Physics. xx

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