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Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate Freeform Point

Pink Amethyst x Flower Agate Freeform Point

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This is a rare combination crystal:


Pink Amethyst // Chakra: Heart + Crown // Sourced From: Brazil


The frequencies of Pink Amethyst open up your perspective to view your life experiences from a space of love; allowing you to release self-judgement. This crystal discharges negative energy + emotions stored within the physical body. Pink amethyst creates space for a calm mind as it releases symptoms of anxiety.


Flower Agate // Chakra: Upper Heart + Solar Plexus // Sourced From: Brazil


Flower Agate is the crystal for dreamers who are ready to blossom. It instills a goal-driven mentality, encouraging you to follow your heart in order to come into alignment with your purpose. It's frequencies support you from the process of seed to blossom, this process is not over night + flower agate knows that. This is why it gently + slowly opens the heart to allow space + time for you to grow at your own pace through the seasons of life. This stone reminds you to live your life the way you want, to the fullest!

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