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Aphrodite Crystal Hat

Aphrodite Crystal Hat

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Adorn your crown with the Aphrodite crystallized hat; featuring ethically sourced larimar + rainbow moonstone gems to activate your 


Aphrodite is the greek goddess of love for life, inner/outer beauty, passion, sensuality, emotional/feminine expression + the element of water.


Larimar: a rare gem only found in the Dominican Republic; this crystal embodies the energy of feminine movement, confidence + untamed expression. The element of water within larimar is a useful support when we feel stuck, tense or rigid in life. Activating the throat chakra, it supports us to speak our truth + express ourselves with grace, confidence + love for all of life.


Rainbow Moonstone: also known as: white labradorite; this crystal activates the third eye chakra + is deeply connected to the energy of grandmother moon. As women, our womb-cycles are a reflection of the moon's-cycles -- working with rainbow moonstone brings a deeper sense of awareness to the phases, cycles + patterns of the natural world. Above all else, working with rainbow moonstone will deepen your sense of discernment + intuition.


Each hat is hand-designed with love in Southern Ontario, Canada.

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