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quantum manifestor



will teach you how to become the master-manifestor of your dream life by aligning your thoughts, choices + direction with the rhythm of the universe.

When You Consciously Choose to:

-- Stop fighting against the natural cycles of life
-- Bridge your understanding of spirituality x quantum physics
-- Reclaim a balanced lifestyle by deepening your relationship with both your masculine + feminine forces

-- Decode the messages of your body, mind + spirit through studying Ayurvedic Science
-- Heal your subconscious patterns + internal dialogue
-- Alchemize your pain + trauma into purpose
-- Embrace + embody your most authentic frequency

Watch your life transform before your eyes.

Hi, I'm Emily.

I believe everyone deserves to understand the power of aligning their efforts with the rhythm of the Universe in order to manifest the life of their wildest, untamed dreams.

My mission is to equip as many individuals as possible with the tools, practices + knowledge that I have witnessed, first hand, completely transform my own life + so many of my clients.

I combine my extensive background of Reiki Master Education, Yoga Studies as a Registered Teacher, Business Marketing Education + passion for logically conceptualizing spirituality through quantum physics to bring you this intensive personal/professional transformation experience.

If you desire to transform the relationship with yourself + the Universe in order to find the clarity + direction you seek

out old triggers, beliefs + patterns that have been holding you back from your greatest potential

this program was built specifically for you


Spaces are limited + registration closes February 2nd

Have questions?

Follow the link below to personally connect with Emily

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